Should I learn Flutter in 2022? | Learn Flutter from Scratch

This blog is for those developers who want to learn flutter but they have doubts in their minds ‘Should I learn Flutter?’.

If these questions are coming to your mind ‘Should I learn Flutter or React Native’, ‘Do I need to learn Dart for Flutter’ then after reading this article all your doubts will be cleared.

Here we will discuss some points:

  • Simple to Learn and Use

In Flutter we can only use one programming language called Dart. So you can start building the app by learning the widgets of Flutter and Dart.

Dart Language is an Object-oriented programming language that is much easier than other object-oriented programming languages.

  • Good Documentation

You need to learn dart before learning flutter. And to learn dart you can go to (Dart language tutorial) website, here you can learn dart from beginner to advanced level.

Once you learn dart then you can go to (Flutter course by Google) website and learn flutter.

  • Growing Community

It has gained a lot of popularity since the launch of Flutter and a strong community has been developed. So if you face any kind of doubt and error then you will easily get the solution on the internet.

  • Fast Development

In Flutter we can get a Single codebaseHot reloadHot re-start, and Pre-build widgets makes faster development for any kind of apps.

  • All Popular IDE Support Flutter

Nearly all popular IDE support flutter, like Android StudioVscodeIntelliJ IDEA, and Emac, etc support Flutter. So you can develop using the IDE of your choice.

  • Flutter Saves Your Time and Money

In Flutter, we write the code once and we can run the same code on different platforms like Android and iOS. But it is not possible in other frameworks, there is a separate app for android and a separate app for iOS. This requires a lot more time and money.

And using flutter we can also create applications for Linux, Windows, and Web. So if you learn it, you can go to any area according to your interest.

  • Excellent Performance

The applications that we make using flutter, their speed is much higher. This means that the performance of these apps is much better.

  • Open-source

Flutter is an open-source project so it can be very good for you. It does not have any kind of licensing issue. And this is why many startups and tech giants are using flutter in their products.

I think you got the answer to your question. And then you can decide whether to learn flutter or not.

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